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December 2020


Martial Law in 1972 has always been a crucial part of Philippine history and it is important for Filipinos to learn and understand what happened during that period and how military rule made an impact on the country. People have different views of Martial Law; even students of the University of the Philippines Los Baños, who are expected to be critical of social issues, also have different perceptions. This research is an attempt to make young Filipinos know about the effects of Martial Law and to help protect the young minds from historical revisionism. This research aims to present the different experiences of selected UPLB community members during the implementation of Martial Law in the country. Specifically, it describes the life of the participants before and during the Martial Law period and how its implementation affected them. It uses case study as the research design. In-depth interviews were conducted among 17 participants and thematic analysis was done to make sense of the data. It was reported that much of these experiences centered on their family, academics, work/livelihood, and their perceived quality of life. Their Martial Law experience affected their current view of the Philippine government. They feel that the present condition of the country is similar to what had happened during the Marcos Administration. Extrajudicial killings and social inequality are still rampant. Power is held by those in government position and those who are in the upper echelons of society. What they have experienced in the past has made them more critical of the Philippine government.

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U.P. Los Baños Journal





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Martial law -- Philippines; History -- Philippines



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